Top Vapor Liquid Brands

Vapor liquids have been getting a ton of attention lately, especially because people are given numerous flavors to choose from. You’ve probably been wondering why so many manufacturers have been creating various vapor liquid, and to keep the story short, they are all fighting for that number 1 spot on sales. Many manufacturers have been creating different vapor liquid flavors using vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. These glycerins are completely different from each other. The vegetables glycerin basically produces more vapor, but is not as sweet. Whereas the propylene glycol produces sweeter taste but fewer vapor.

If you have never used electronic cigarettes before, and you’re not aware on what type of vapor liquid to buy, then there are a couple things that you might find to be very helpful. The normal nicotine content in vapor liquid is around 1.2%-2.4%, however, not everyone could actually handle that nicotine content of this particular magnitude. If you aren’t sure on how much your body can handle, it is suggested to buy the vapor that contains a nicotine level of around 2.4%. If the vapor liquid contains 2.4% strength and it’s too much for your body to handle, simply just switch the liquid to a lesser nicotine solution to the current one you have.

Top2 Vapor Liquid Brands Review

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is one of the top brands in the e cigarette industry and just like their e Cigs, the flavors they offer are phenomenal. Some of their popular flavors include cool menthol, rich tobacco, and bubble gum. All flavors are rich and very addictive, but the best one would probably be the rich tobacco.

Overall rating of their flavors would probably be 4 out of 5.


Green Smoke

Green Smoke is also a very popular e cigarette brand offering numerous flavors that are seriously to die for. Some of their popular flavors include menthol ice, absolute tobacco, mocha mist, tobacco gold, smooth chocolate, and vanilla dreams. All flavors are very intense, but the best flavor would probably be the smooth chocolate.

Overall flavor rating would have to be 5 out of 5.


Benefits Of Vapor Liquid

The main benefit to vapor liquid is the fact that they are liquefied tobacco but without all the toxic chemicals of actual tobacco. They have the same taste, sensations, and feel of tobacco, but they don’t have the harms of regular tobacco. The liquid substances are way more preferred now by most smokers because they can choose the nicotine level that best suits them. The issue with the regular tobacco is how it can produce numerous health dangers that can even affect the people around you. Electronic cigarette vapor liquid however are way more flexible since the substances it contains can easily be controlled by the user.

Vapor liquid is also man-made whereas actual tobacco is just another plant. Therefore, its ingredients are technically out of the users control. This is a very negative disadvantage that tobacco smokers have to live with because there are many harmful chemicals in tobacco that cannot be eliminated by industrial processes. Fortunately, smokers are cutting down the dangerous chemicals whenever they smoke electronic cigarettes as opposed to regular tobacco cigarettes. The chemicals in tobacco even increase the risks of you developing cancer after it is used long term. Many long time smokers of tobacco cigarettes are more prone to attaining cancer in the future years of their lifetime. When you smoke electronic cigarettes, however, you won’t be exposed to any chemicals that can harm your health.

In order for a regular tobacco smoker to switch to e cigarettes, they must be willing to experience the differences. Consider trying various brands and flavors to see which ones best suit your taste. The benefits are clear when you switch to e cigarettes, but what’s just as hard as switching to e cigarettes would have to be finding a flavor that you continuously use. There are so many options that manufacturers have given to smokers, making it quite daunting to choose only on. E cigarettes indeed are the best alternative to regular traditional tobacco smoking. They are a suitable alternative that smokers can switch and continue using because the variety you have are endless. You get to enjoy the regular nicotine taste with other flavors as often as you want, making e cigarettes something that you won’t ever get bored with.

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