How do Electronic Cigarettes Work? 3 Components for Your Benefit

Electronic cigarettes look like, taste like and feel like real ones, providing the sensation of smoking, but without flame, carbon monoxide, tar and smell found in real cigarettes. How do electronic cigarettes work? These are battery operated devices with electric combustion and without smoke involved. Electronic cigarettes cause no adverse effects, so you can stop worrying about your health. By the way, you can easily choose the design of e-cigs: cigar, penstyle, mini, super mini, pipe.

The Way Smokeless Cigarettes Work

The cigarettes have three main components, which are presented in Figure 1:

Figure 1 – Electronic cigarette mechanism

  1. cartridge  - a removable metal piece with nicotine;
  2. heating device (atomizer) – the component that helps a person to smoke;
  3. batteries and the circuits – the part that lights up the atomizer.

The battery of e cigarettes is lithium-ion rechargeable and is employed to power the heating element. Normally, the size, as well as the type of the battery, determines the life of an e-cig. This part is the largest.

Cartridge is the storage place for the nicotine solution (e-juice or e-liquid). Today there are available various flavors of cartridge, like menthol, vanilla, tobacco or cherry. While choosing the cartridge to use, one can decide on the level of nicotine – high, medium, low or zero. Of course, the main ingredient of the cartridge is nicotine, but there are also propylene alcohol, water and the flavor.

Atomizer is the heating element and is the most important part of e cigs. Why? It is responsible for the conversion of nicotine into vapor. As a rule, an atomizer works for about one month, and after that it should be replaced.

Types of E-Cigs

There are two types of electric cigarettes:

  • automatic
  • manual

A manual cigarette has a button that activated the atomizer, whereas an automatic one possesses a sensor that detects the airflow.

So how do these revolutionary smokeless cigarettes work? An automated model has an in-built sensor device, and when you inhale, this sensor detects the air flow and thus triggers the heating element. The nicotine liquid converts into vapor and is inhaled.

If the electronic cigarette is driven manually, the user presses that button that sets off the atomizer. Then the liquid is converted into vapor and you inhale it.

According to multiple electronic cigarette reviews, smokeless cigs are safe and this is why they are chosen by those, who’d like to quit smoking. However, the price range of such cigs varies. Besides, their parts are to be replaced quite often: an atomizer goes off within one month, batteries and cartridge’s life depend on how often one smokes.

Now, as you know how electronic cigarettes work, you can choose them as a reliable way to quit your unhealthy habit.