Electronic Cigarettes Health Risks: Debunking 4 Myths

E cigarettes are known for providing physical sensation and flavor that are very similar to real cigarettes. These are the reasons why they are commonly chosen as smoking alternatives by those, who want to quit. However, the question about electronic cigarette health risks is one of the most popular people are interested in.

Doctor’s Advice: Arguments for

There exist several reasons, why electronic cigarettes are considered to be a safe nicotine replacement method. Let’s start debunking the myths:

  1. there is no possibility of second-hand smoking
  2. e cigs don’t produce lingering smoke smell
  3. they help in decreasing nicotine addiction, especially among young people
  4. electronic cigarettes do not contain ingredients that are toxic to people

Both manufacturers and doctors ensure: nicotine addiction in case of e cigs use is impossible. Why? The reason is the type and amount of ingredients used. The stated components of the vapor are limited with liquid nicotine, propylene glycol, flavoring, etc. Besides, unlike regular cigarettes, electronic ones do not contain harmful toxins like arsenic, carbon monoxide and tar.

The vapor that is inhaled is not harmful and thus doesn’t lead to health risks and multiple side effects. What does it mean? While smoking smokeless cigarettes, you look after your own health: you quit smoking not worrying about possible cancerous effects.