A Comprehensive Guide For E-Cig Smokers: Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are considered as healthier replacements of the traditional cigarettes with more harmful effects on human body. The product is also called personal vaporizer that simulates smoking tobacco by exhaling aerosol mists produced from the liquid. Though, the scientists and researchers couldn’t establish any health benefits of these products, many smokers have reported that they’d been able to quit smoking by using the e-cigarettes. These electronic items are very similar to the conventional tobacco cigarettes. But these definitely associate harmful effects to lesser extent.

Explore more about electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette liquid: an overview

Electronic cigarettes were patented in 1967 as a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. In those items, flavored, moist and heater air was used as a replacement of tobacco smokes. Later, some Chinese scientists worked on the concept and came up with something better and more pragmatic. Those cigarettes invented in 2000 used to evaporate smoke like vapor containing nicotine.
An electronic cigarette comes with three essential components: a cartridge which contains e-liquid which serves as the mouthpiece of the cigarette, an atomizer that vaporizes the fluid and produce smoke-like vapor and a battery that powers the atomizer. A smoker inhales the vaporized fluid and exhales off just like the traditional cigarettes.
The e-liquid or e-juice contains four major ingredients. Water is flavored to make the vapor more attractive and soothing for the smoker. Nicotine is an essential component of electronic cigarettes. And rest two ingredients are homogenous mixtures of PG and VG. These components make the vapor heavy, smoke-like and sticky.

All you need to know about electronic cigarette liquid

These four components used in the e-juices are mixed together and processed for vaporizing inside the atomizer. These ingredients are also used for various purposes.
Let’s explore more about those e-cig ingredients:

  • Distilled water: this is considered as the basic liquid part of e-juice. It helps keeping the nicotine levels low and enhance viscosity of the liquid potentially. As the distilled water isn’t strongly acidic or strongly basic, it doesn’t exert any harmful effect on the human body. It’s tasteless, colorless, comes with neutral pH and doesn’t produce allergic symptoms among the consumers. Distilled water is used in different industries where the pH is changed in various proportions.
  • Nicotine: it serves as the major constituents of liquids prepared for electronic cigarettes. The amount of nicotine is significantly lowered to reduce the harmful nervous effects of the strong chemical. It is extracted from tobacco, however the strength is not comparable to that of traditional tobacco. It is extracted using a very simple process that can be done without any industrial processing.
  • VG or Vegetable glycerin: it’s often used as a base components in the e-liquids. The ingredient is also used in different food products as additives, preservatives and colors. It’s also used in medicines and other beauty and health products. It comes with a sweeter taste and makes great vapor. It’s thicker than PG but features milder flavor and lesser intensity. It doesn’t produce the throat hit like Propylene Glycol (PG) but helps smokers suffering from allergic symptoms.
  • PG or Propylene Glycol: it serves as the base components in almost all e-juices available in the market. It’s a thin, flavored liquid that strongly hits the throat. Throat hitting simulate the effect of traditional tobacco smokes. Many smokers complain about their sensitivity and allergic symptoms to this specific component. This base liquid is used in different lifesaving medicines like asthma inhalers, it’s used as food flavors and colors. Several manufactures have confirmed it’s used in different oral medications, health products and cosmetic items.

*** PG and VG can be used as standalone components and many manufacturers use one of these ingredients in their e-juices. Recently, the researchers have found, a homogenous mixture serves as a better base liquid. The mixture has pleasant flavors, and it can produce great throat hit as well. Nowadays, some manufacturers use candy flavors to make the liquids more suitable and pleasant for the smokers. These candy flavorings are used in bakeries and sweeteners all over the world.

All leading e-cig manufacturers produce high quality, flavored electronic cigarette liquid to supple their products. You can buy these liquids online and refill your e-cigarette cartridges by yourself. Try those different flavors and tastes to enjoy smoking diversities. Just make sure, you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients present in the e-juice you have purchased.

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